Project mad in 2016, that investigates the cutlery jewellery from a craft perspective.


This series of jewelry came out of the Jewelry dinner, that is a multifaceted platform for contemporary jewelry. The jewelry dinner was first initiated by me and jeweler Mia Maljojoki in 2016. The aim of the project was to create a jewelry exhibition with multiple layers of information relating to jewelry.

The dinner is an event where everything is set on display, a group a people get invited to have a dinner, during the dinner the guests are asked to wear contemporary jewelry and discuss a specific topic. The dinner event itself is taking part in the public space and is seen as a performance.

The project can be split into three subcategories:

  • Jewelry - The act of wearing

  • Performance in form of being on display in front of an audience

  • Critical dialogue

 The series Cutting edge was specifically developed for the first jewelry dinner event that took place at the 24 of February 2016 at Kulturzentrum Giesinger Bahnhof, Munich, Germany. The aim of the jewelry was to comment on the act of dinging or the dinner setting. For further information regarding Jewelry dinner please visit

What do jewelry and food have in common? What is the connecting point between these two different topics? In the beginning, I had a hard time finding and entering point into this project, food, and jewelry they seemed so far apart.

A good friend of mine once gave me a ring that was made out of a silver spoon and when I saw it at home laying on a self, at that moment I knew the Cutlery jewelry would be my inspiration for this project. Cutlery jewelry is a worldwide phenomenon, where there is cutlery there is cutlery jewelry.  It’s a piece of jewelry that often is roughly crafted and the design is often primitive.

I wanted to create a contemporary version of this uncultured pieces of jewelry. I decided that I wanted to work with one piece of cutlery and I choose the knife. To me, the knife is the most powerful cutlery with its straight direction and its sharp edge. It was important to me that one could still recognize the found object in the final piece of jewelry and therefore I decided to limit the way I could alternate the knifes shape, and I was only allowed to saw and bend the material. This gave me the freedom to play with the knifes shape and at the same keep the found object present. 

I decided that I wanted to emphasize the jewelry quality in the pieces and I, therefore, added obsidian stones. This gave the pieces a feeling of preciousness and weight. I choose to use the obsidian stone because of its history. Obsidian is volcanic gals and it is hard and brittle, it there for fractures with very sharp edges, due to this attribute it has in the past been used as a cutting and piercing tool and it has even been used as a surgical scalpel blade.

 The final series contains brooches and necklaces each individual piece contains one full knife that. my aim was to give the ready-made knife a new identity by physically alternate its shape and remove its original function.