Annika Pettersson was born in Karlskrona, Sweden in 1981. She works predominantly in the field of contemporary jewelry.Through her work Pettersson explores traditional jewelry though a reinterpretation of classical shapes. Her work is distorted and developed though intimate material knowledge. Pettersson’s work embodies a sublime touch and the transcendent nature of jewelry.

 Annika Pettersson is a founding member of the group A5, an artistic collaborative focused on adornment, the body, and jewelry in cultural contexts. She completed her MFA with distinction at Konstfack University in Stockholm, Sweden 2009. Pettersson has participated in numerous group exhibitions on an international scale. She is currently living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

One could look at all of Annika Petterssons work as an entire body, a confluence of explorations into the physical world. Every series, and each piece illustrate a type of attempt to confront the world with a concrete set of limitations. Pettersson creates jewelry, and according to tradition, masters the skill of identifying and isolating preciousness in world where much has become indistinguishable. This is done not with the tense precision of a goldsmith, but rather with the gut reaction of a laborer. A hunter understands the physics of his weapon only in a visceral sense, a carpenter learns through physical repetition. This sincere understanding is a prominent aesthetic in the work of Pettersson, where knowledge becomes divorced from education and instead bonded to the physical activities of everyday life. This is not to say that the work lacks a conceptual background, each of the pieces abstracts itself by means of sensitive composition, subtle narrative, and links to a sense of melancholic remembrance. Petterssons work transforms everyday material into evidence, like marks carved into stone, an indelible trace of effort and intention.

In her series “Time to Rend”  Pettersson adheres to traditional adornment by utilizing a floral motif. “The beauty of flowers is sad because they are fragile and destined for death, like anything on earth, of course, but flowers are particularly fragile, and like animals their corpse is only a grotesque parody of their vital being, and their corpse, like that of an animal, stinks.” Hollebeque, The map and the territory.

Inspection of the work reveals that what appear to be blooms are in reality chucks of split wood, fractured from a single piece.  The pieces ask the viewer a question: How did this happen? At first it may seem an act of nature, but further inspection leads the viewer to the conclusion that this is not an act of pure phenomena, that it bears a subtle mark of the maker. In stark contrast to meticulously carved traditional woodwork, Pettersson’s flowers carry with them a masculine sense of immediacy, a kind of brawniness and heft, a spontaneous recognition of creation. Perhaps this is the thread that ties together all of Petersons work, regardless of the medium. Pettersson creates a literal sympathy with pre-industrialist production by linking the maker with the material. At the same time Pettersson takes a step away from a modernist tradition of the mastery of skill; the work manifests the spirit of the proletariat balanced with the mysteries of nature. All this is done with an intended regard to contemporary culture, in the same way that memories fuse fictional sensations with a concrete reality.

Pettersson creates jewelry, objects connected to the body, so called functional items that, while serving no practical purpose, bear the imprints  of necessary physical function.  


2016 – 2017 Research Lab Craft, Konstfack university, Stockholm, Sweden

2007 – 2009 Master degree Jewellery, Konstfack, Ädellab, Stockholm, Sweden

2004 – 2008 Bachelor degree Jewellery, Konstfack, Ädellab, Stockholm, Sweden

2002 – 2004 Metalcraft, Stenebyskolan, Dalslånged, Sweden

2001 – 2002 Art, Ölandsfolkhögskola, Skogsby, Öland, Sweden


2017 “Copy in motion” Brooklyn Metalworks, New York, USA

2017 “Glitch in the copy” Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 “Artist presentation”, Tallinn Applied arts triennial, Tallinn, Estonia

2016 “Introduction of HD-treasure”, Zimmerhof, Bad Rappenau, Germany

2016 “Copy” svarta havet, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

2014 “Objects in motion” at Kunstakademiet Oslo, Norway

2014 "Material relations"at Bezalel academy, Jerusalem, Israel

2014 “Blacksphere” for Foxhole Valveil at Minibar Artist Space, Stockholm, Sweden.

2012 “Artist presentation”, Tallinn Applied arts triennial, Tallinn, Estonia

2011   “Checks and balances”, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden


2017 "Hate" at Konstfack university, Stockholm, Sweden 

2017 “Rings” at Brooklyn Metalworks, New York, USA

2016 “Narcissus and echo” at Konstfack university, Stockholm, Sweden

2015 “HATE” at Konstfack university, Stockholm, Sweden

2015   “Artistic processes” Konstfack university, Stockholm, Sweden

2014    “Gordian knot” at Bezalel academy, Jerusalem, Israel


2016 Organizing the 48th Zimmerhof in collaboration with Folian Milker and Adam Grinovich

2016 Organizing Social club HD_treasure, for Current Obsession, Munich, Germany

2015 Participation in Social club - Lost weekend by Current Obsession, Munich, Germany

2014 - 2017 Studio manager for design collective “Humans since 1982” Stockholm, Sweden

2013 Guest designer for IOU Design / Hanoi, Vietnam.

2012 Organizing POP-UP Lectures, Platform, Stockholm, Sweden

2011 - 2012 Lead administrator Platform Stockholm gallery/ artist collective, Stockholm, Sweden     

2010 Studio assistant to Christoph Zellweger, Zurich Switzerland

2010 Studio assistant Gallery Platina, Stockholm, Sweden

2009 Assisting Ruudt Peters during Lingam exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden


2008 Founding the group A5, with Adam Grinovich and Romina Fuentes

2013 Founding the design collective Critical +, with Adam Grinovich  and Charles Mathis


2015 Crafted objects in Flux, Boston museum of fine arts

2015 A eon profit – Piano forte, Publication for exhibition Atta gallery

2014 WAYWO what are you working on , Jacquelyn Davis for Örebro konsthall

2013 “Swedish contemporary art jewellery” Arvinius + Orfus Publishing

2013 “Current Obsession” vol 2, through Charon Kransen

2013 Issue #2 -  “What the Shop?” publication Vienna Austria

2012 “From the Coolest Corner” Arnoldsche Art Publishers, Stuttgart, Germany.

2012 “ALLA”, Jewellery Against Xenophobia” Stockholm, Sweden.

2010 “Innovative Materials” Contemporary Jewellery Design” CYP International Ltd.


Platina, Stockholm, Sweden

Charon Kransen Art, New York, USA

Atta gallery, Bangkok, Thailand



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